AI in 30: Monthly AI News Show

Recognizing the challenges technology directors, teacher leaders, and administrators face in keeping up with AI advancements in education, I am excited to host "AI in 30". This monthly, 30-minute online show offers a focused dive into the latest AI technologies, pedagogies, and policies relevant to New York State's educators. Designed to fit the busy schedules of school leaders, each episode will provide a concise yet comprehensive update on AI in education, complemented by a one-page summary with key insights, links, and resources.

AI and Instructional Redesign Summer Institute

This interactive two-day summer course is designed for educators who want to learn how to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their teaching practices. Participants will explore the latest information about AI, learn about the principles of instructional redesign, and engage in visionary thinking about the future of this rapidly changing technology. Through a mix of presentations, collaborative discussions, and hands-on activities, educators will gain practical insights and tools to harness AI effectively in their instructional program.

You can register here

Read my latest white papers on the use of AI in education

View the free White Papers to learn about the three issues surrounding the use of generative AI in classrooms and beyond, including ethical dilemmas that must also be confronted by educators, students, and consumers. You will also learn about recommendations for dealing with these challenges, as well as my new "Hive Model" for AI Strategic Planning.

Explore the History of EdTech

Watch my one hour presentation, "I was there for the Revolution," which discusses the history of instructional technology over the last 40 years. This talk was delivered at the Vintage Computer Festival East on April 15th, 2023.