Keynote Presentations and Workshops

Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT: The Future is Here!

The website ChatGPT and other online AI services have taken the world by storm. The ability of websites that can create text and images from simple commands, called “prompts,” is revolutionizing education, business, and the economy. In this interactive presentation, you will learn about the latest AI tools and also explore the ethical, moral, and legal issues related to this technology that are both exciting and frightening.

The Fifth Industrial Revolution

In this lecture, you will learn about each of the industrial revolutions that have led us to our current one, where we will be living collaboratively with devices powered by artificial intelligence. This program will show participants how we arrived at this moment and allow them to consider the implications for society and the global economy.

Five Trends for the Future: Are You Ready?

This presentation will allow you to discover the five technology trends that allow educators to create a framework for the future of education. Participants will see the impact of these trends on teaching, learning, and assessment.

Creating Insanely Great Presentations: Tips and Tricks for Presenters

Do you use slideshows to present information to others? In this engaging presentation, you will learn the secrets of effectively communicating with your audience by studying techniques used by the world’s greatest presenters. Using ideas from both cinema and psychology, you will be able to create compelling presentations that will delight your audiences. Note: This presentation will not cover the technical details of how to create slideshows using computers.

They Came to Ellis Island: An Immigration Simulation

Live the experience of an immigrant who arrived in America at the turn of the last century and passed through Ellis Island. Using customized software created by the presenter, participants will collectively confront choices and challenges as they pass through Ellis Island. Along the way, they will learn fascinating facts about immigration and Ellis Island, and they will also hear the voices of immigrants who speak about their experiences along the way. Will you become a citizen or get deported? Luck and good decision-making skills will determine the outcome of your journey.

How to Create and Self-Publish an Interactive eBook using a Macintosh

Interactive eBooks feature video, audio, and slideshows that provide engaging content to readers. Learn the techniques for creating and publishing interactive eBooks using free software that runs on the Macintosh platform.

The Birth of Home Recording Studios: Creating Music with Digital Instruments

Did you know that many professional musicians now record their music in their homes using software running on their home computers. Learn the secrets of these so-called “Bedroom Producers” and the digital tools they use to compose, record, and publish their music. This presentation will feature Logic Pro on the Macintosh, but the basic principles discussed apply to any music creation software on any platform.

Keeping Yourself Safe Online: Best Practices

Internet crime and online financial scams are increasing in both frequency and severity. In this workshop, you will learn tips and tricks for avoiding falling victim to online predators. You will learn how scammers use “social engineering” to trick people into revealing their personal information and subject them to financial losses and identity theft.